Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a land of dreamers Either you are living a dream Or you are chasing a dream Neither if you are You are a weary soul with a baggage staring at the star studded ceiling upon the sand stuffed bed SHAIKSPHERE


Droplets the size of pollen, wetting up the leaves. Pouches carrying those grains of life are clouding up the sun, just the right amount to have the light through yet not the golden sheen. A white blanket across the sky, with the right tinge of grey signalling the right years of wisdom across the heaven’s […]

A Little Wish

‚ÄčIt’s raining. Droplets tipping their way across the window sills. Rushing away towards their end as fast as they began. A hand making an imprint on the misty screen. A little wish, a wider imprint engulfs mine. SHAIKSPHERE

Lovely Weather

It’s such a lovely weather. The trickling droplets on my window, the tapping sounds on my moon window, the whistling noise of the breeze, the deafening silence of life… All that’s missing is the warmth of the soul and the presence of the sole. A touch, a breath, a rhythm of the heart beating, synchronised […]