Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a land of dreamers Either you are living a dream Or you are chasing a dream Neither if you are You are a weary soul with a baggage staring at the star studded ceiling upon the sand stuffed bed SHAIKSPHERE


Droplets the size of pollen, wetting up the leaves. Pouches carrying those grains of life are clouding up the sun, just the right amount to have the light through yet not the golden sheen. A white blanket across the sky, with the right tinge of grey signalling the right years of wisdom across the heaven’s […]

The Brunch Sequence

It was a long line outside the restaurant. Being a famous brunch place, it had to stand up to its name by making sure the waiting lines were long enough. Since he was the one who initiated the brunch plan, Edward had to be in the line. Zipping up his sweatshirt to keep the San […]

A Little Wish

​It’s raining. Droplets tipping their way across the window sills. Rushing away towards their end as fast as they began. A hand making an imprint on the misty screen. A little wish, a wider imprint engulfs mine. SHAIKSPHERE

Lovely Weather

It’s such a lovely weather. The trickling droplets on my window, the tapping sounds on my moon window, the whistling noise of the breeze, the deafening silence of life… All that’s missing is the warmth of the soul and the presence of the sole. A touch, a breath, a rhythm of the heart beating, synchronised […]

Paheli (Conundrum)

The Blue Jeans Life hardly moved. If anything, it tended to end up where it began. The sun set and the same sun rose the next day, as if mocking at the stagnant life about its boring existence. Waking up was a big chore yet an unavoidable necessity for anyone who’s alive. As heavy as […]

My Enviless Jealousy!

The soothing breath, the calming touch, the peaceful presence and the cooling nudge; thus made me realise it was time to wake up from the serene sleep into the placid life. Though the dreams had just begun to form and the colours were just being short of getting added, I had to drag myself out […]


Serendipity. A happy accident. A pleasant surprise. A good fortune. Or, just plain luck… For the many romantic souls out there, the mere mention of the word brings in hope, excitement, dreams, wishes and something totally inexplicable. It’s a feeling tough to experience and hard to come by yet the charm lives on and the […]

My Cake Baked!

The biggest mixing bowl in the top most shelf; the ingredients next to it; the oven powered by the electric company and the clean granite kitchen top. None of them knew that within a quarter of the next triplet hours, they were going to be the messiest battleground of my culinary disaster. I think I […]

My Skitrip!

With a strong gust of chilly winds came a white blanket of snow covering me with its weight. Staying still underneath was the only option lest I might drown into the ocean of whiteness. Far above the hill were the church chimes ringing. With the rushing winds in my direction the sounds raised. Intensity was […]